Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Suggestions welcome

Haven't had a chance to post here since the launch of PCGen Character Sheet Reader, but v1.21b has just been submitted and a lot of progress has been made since the original version...

BUT I'd like to make it even better!

I've had loads of great suggestions of features that users would like to see in the app and I have them in so many emails and on bits of paper etc... I was thinking it might be an idea to keep it all in one place, so if you have an idea or request, or even if it's just to say you think something doesn't work quite as it should let me know.

Here's some of the stuff that I have on my "To Do" list:

  • When ability scores are adjusted, alter the DC's of spells
  • Track used items and allow the new ones to be added
  • Allow selecting different spells for Prepared Spells lists (if you want to use different spells you can cast from the known spells lists - but this would be a nice touch)
  • Custom spell lists for different scenarios
  • Track use of prepared spells (currently just tracks based on how many spells you are allowed for that level irrelevant of how many uses of a spell have been prepared)
  • Hero Lab support - currently in development Done
  • Conditions - Sickened etc...
  • Positive spell effects such as Haste etc...
  • Feats like vital strike and class specific features such as sneak attack
  • Update help page to explain attack rolls and spell casting
  • Portrait mode for phone
  • Transfer save file between devices
  • Ability to dynamically switch armour and update AC values
  • Google Drive support


  1. Greetings, a few suggestions for this great app:
    Psion spells - use spell points rather than spells/day/ Level
    Remove CMB for 3.5
    Custom attack rolls - specify which weapon combo's I use (2 weapons -one in offhand) so I can roll all my attacks with one Click
    Add 'Rage' toggle for Barbarians
    Alter the 'close tab' to a prompted 'do you want to close this tab?'
    load 'sets' of characters (I have 2 separate gaming groups) (and 'close all ')
    Typo in help 'orginally'
    Version number in ' about'
    spell list - toggle the spell description, so initial view is spell name and just the one line summary, clerics will get a lot of spells, so will want the description for only certain spells at a time.

  2. additional -If the xml from pcgen doesn't have all the info you're after, it should be straightforward to enhance it to add more data/ Tokens

  3. as in, update pcgen to add more info to the XML, or even create a custom XML output specifically for this app.

  4. Hi Dave, thanks for your suggestions. One of PCGen guys has pointed out that the output may be changing in 6.3 so was waiting to see how that goes.

  5. more suggestions: per character option to display weapon stats as either 'simple' (Just show 1-W-p for melee) Or 'standard' (all 2 Weapon & offhand options) as current.
    Notes - as its a global notepad, add the name of the active character as a prefix or suffix to each note, so I can distinguish whether a note is pertinent to one character (le 'Used 3 charges of cure wand', 'is cursed by witch')

  6. How about support for multi window on Samsung?http://developer.samsung.com/s-pen-sdk/technical-docs/Designing-For-The-Galaxy-Note-Creating-Multi-Window-Apps

  7. One of the Hero Lab variant reviews suggested tracking rounds for spells which I like, so I'm adding it here so I don't forget about it

  8. could use the same taking rounds functionality for things like rage duration & death time too...

  9. I like your app, i purchased it and use it for my Pathfinder games, but I do have a few criticisms.

    1) Whenever I first connect to GoogleDrive on a new install, it crashes and I have to startup
    2) Please add condition tracking including the ability to add temporary bonuses.
    3) Feat based attacks (powerattack) would be great for temporary bonuses as well.